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Panda Conservation Volunteering and Travel Programme

About the programme

It is estimated that there are about 1,000 Giant Pandas left on our planet living mostly in the People's Republic of China. 60% of the world's panda population is found in China. Through cooperation with the WWF and the Chinese government a programme of conservation we set up in 1980. With cooperation of the World Wildlife Federation and the Chinese government, we developed a conservation program at the Wolong Nature Reserve, Wenchuan County, Sichuan  Provence, to protect the Giant Panda from potential extinction. Wolong provides an ideal natural habitat for the Giant Panda.

Scientists in Wolong have made great advances in artificial breeding and raising Giant Pandas.  By 2007 the Woolong Center had 128 Giant Pandas in captivity; the largest panda population in the world. 

Our Program will offer our volunteers three days of sight seeing in China to include Beijing,the Great Wall, and the Forbidden City as well as other ancient relics.We offer basic Mandarin Chinese tutoring for those who are interested.

Main Duties as a Volunteer

At the Center, where volunteers will be monitoring and doing other work related to panda care, they are encouraged to give help to regular staff members in their spoken English skills.  This improved English speaking ability will lead to better communication between staff and English speaking tourists and, as a result, increased revenue necessary to keep the Center operating and to expand the research on Giant Pandas.

After initial training by staff, volunteers will be able to keep the Panda Gardens  clean and attractive, help prepare the pandas' food, and assist the  Center's veterinaries in caring for the medical needs of the pandas.  A typical work day is six to seven hours.

As an English speaking volunteer, you will help keep the Center's English language website current and help the Center staff communicate better in English to market the Center's program.  Some volunters serve as interpretors, interacting with visitors from throughout the world as they tour the Panda Center.

When to come
The most active months at the Center are May, August, and September.  However, volunteers are welcome at the Center throughout the year, as their schedules permit.  Volunteers start on the first Monday of each month at their choosing.  Just let us know your preferred dates via email  and we will plan accordingly.

Medical Requirements

The Centre’ requires that all participants in the programme provide either their immunization records or a physical exam record that is no more than three (3) months old.

The health certificate can be downloaded at :

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: arriving in China, pickup at Beijing airport and taken a to local hotel or a Chinese family. Visiting the world’s largest Tian-an Men Square and then shopping.
Day 2: Sightseeing in Beijing, visiting the Great Wall, the Tombs.
Day 3: City tour, including The Forbidden city and North Sea Park, Olympic Garden, etc.
Day 4: Flying to Chengdu, pickup at airport and transport to Wolong. The journey will take about 4 hours by bus, then check into local Hotel.
Day 5 -10: Volunteering in the Wolong Pandas Center.

Itinerary is subject to change slightly in view to specific request.
You should be responsible for the way back to Chengdu airport.

Beijing and Chengdu Airport Picking-up
Beijing 3-day sightseeing (main admissions only)
Airfares from Beijing to Chengdu
Bus fares from Chengdu to Wolong
Hotel rooms and Meals at Beijing and Wolong Center
Personal donation to the Center

The price quotes for the program do not include airfare to and from China.