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 When you apply to us for a placement in an English Summer Camp we will ask you for a scan of your passport (photo page), resume/Curriculum Vitae and a copy of your college degree. Please provide these in a Word Document or PDF format. These items will assist us in helping you obtain your visa.

Meanwhile, please go to the Chinese Embassy website and familiarize yourself with how to apply for a visa and the costs involved.  Download two copies (use one as a work copy) of the visa application form.  You will complete this at a later date.  The website is:

An English Summer Camp will provide us your business invitation letter to come to China.  We will forward this to you by mail.  Make a color copy of this letter and include it with your application when you apply.

Your official business invitation letter, with an official red stamp on the bottom,  enables you to secure a Business M visa.  This visa will allow you to work legally in China during the English Summer Camp.  Please note: these letters are never issued before late May and may take until mid June giving you little time to prepare for your trip to China.  Hence, it is advisable to have as many things as possible completed prior to the letter's receipt.

You must submit your completed application, passport, and invitation letter to the Embassy or  Consulate in your country for the issuance of a visa.
Note:  This may be difficult and time consuming.  If done in person it might take more than one day to complete the entire process.  You may have to travel to a major city some distance from your home.  Your time and travel expense may be significant.  There are agencies that can complete the entire process for you.  They charge for their services but not nearly what it might cost in time and money to do it all yourself.  Although TEFL369 recommends no particular agency, we suggest investigating the possibilities via internet and reaching your own conclusions.  Be certain you apply for the correct dates and understand how application fees are to be paid. 

Do not schedule your flight to China until you obtain your Visa.  There is a risk in scheduling prematurely.

We would ask that you be flexible regarding last minute changes in camp location.  Changes are sometimes necessitated by teachers cancelling just before the start of camp leaving students without a teacher or overloading other teachers at that site.  If this should happen, please regard it as just another exciting part of your foreign teaching experience. 

Summer camp teaching is very much like teaching during the regular school year with the one advantage that all your students are there by choice.  Motivated students always make teaching more pleasant and more successful.

The Summer Camp Itself.
We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us during the three weeks, at a local summer camp in China, and that this will be a very happy and long lasting memory for you. We look forward to your arrival at Shanghai (Pudong) International Airport, where one of our representatives will meet you and take you to a local hostel. Here we will organize a one day orientation and basic TEFL training with a special focus on China summer camp teaching. After that, we will assist you with your onward journey to Hangzhou City by bus, to start your unique summer teaching experience in China.

On arrival in Hangzhou, you will have time to sort yourself out before a general meeting in the evening advising you of your teaching schedule at your allocated teaching camp over the next three weeks. Please note these camps are scattered all over the province and are not necessarily in Hangzhou City itself. You will have the following day/s to familiarize yourself with your new locality. Tap in Hangzhou on ‘Google’ and you will see some of the many delights of this huge city and its surroundings.

Your room, which you will share with another teacher, usually of your own choice, is equipped with air conditioning, a drinking water dispenser, cutlery, TV.  etc. and has a bedroom, kitchen, lounge and western style toilet. Your camp organizer will show you the facilities that will be helpful to you including the dining hall, some schools will give you access to computers and text books for use during your stay. You will also be introduced to your Chinese/English teacher who will try and assist you with translation if required.

On arrival at the summer camp, one of your first jobs will be to help organise the opening ceremony of the school. This will include a short, welcoming speech by you and maybe something of your background (where you are from, your interests etc.) and usually a song or sketch, or other appropriate activity, to inspire them for the next three weeks. Here you will see and feel the enthusiasm of your new students.

In addition to your class work, further activities may include: a sports day/mini Olympics, some role play/simple drama, making greeting cards, trick and treat masks, preparation of an English meal (usually a salad), and poster making.