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Writing a TEFL resume for working abroad is easy,  if you don’t come from a Western country, as Western policies on writing a resume differ to writing a TEFL resume to work abroad, so be prepared to break a few of our Western policies.

Now let’s break a few of our policies

1. Put your photo on the top right or left hand corner of your resume.  Dress smart and have a friendly smile.  All  employers want to know that you are professional as well as friendly.  He / she needs to know that her students are going to benefit from and enjoy your presence in the their classroom.  A lot of TEFL jobs are in Private Language schools so they will be paying to sit in your classroom, hence the professional and friendly approach.

2. Put your personal info at the top of the page.  Full name as in your passport. Date of birth, age, gender.  Yes, I know some of this isn’t required and may even be illegal in some Western countries but it is required to work abroad so you should give all potential employers the information they need to recruit the you. Please also include your contact information and full address and remember to include international dialing codes, Skype and email information.  

3. Indicate your marital status and if you have any children. At times that can make a difference as not all employers can sponsor a teacher with a wife / husband and children. With some employers accommodation is shared and adding a wife / husband and children wouldn’t work in that case. Remember it is not our choice but your employers choice..

Now follow the normal policies

As with all resumes, list your TEFL Cert and any degrees after your personal data  then write down the information that you believe qualifies you for the job, for example if you have teaching experience of any kind. Your aim here is to make the employer believe that you are the person they want to hire.

Next write down any other work experience from your own country. You can also use a little bit of creativity as schools like creative teachers.

Please note

With working abroad it isn’t unusual for an employer to ask you to submit, along with your TEFL resume, a copy of the ID page of your passport. A lot of people in Western countries are extremely wary of sending that page because of identity theft issues which is understandable ,when really your employer is asking WHO the person is that she is going to put in charge of the children in the class room, so in that respect I believe it is reasonable to ask you. I think that is fair, it would also be needed for the employer to issue any visa documents. If you are unwilling to offer the passport info you might not be offered the job.


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