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Flight Information

Flight to China - When, where, and how?

Buying your ticket early may well save you money, due to the various offers available. However, buying your ticket BEFORE you have your visa is NOT a smart move, it could end up costing you more.

A visa is more important than your ticket. No visa, no entry into China, or anywhere else for that matter.

Go to your Chinese Embassy web site and research the current requirements. These may well change without much, or any notice being given. In some countries a 'same day' service is still available but in others it's not, and could be up to four days. Check the current fees and procedures.

Check, but usually your visa is valid for use within a 90 day period. The visa itself may only have a 30 day duration, starting from the day you first enterChinaand your passport is stamped. You may well be able to apply for more but it's by no means guaranteed you'll get it.
REMEMBER if you buy your ticket, but your visa application were to be refused, you CANNOT enter China. If you have insurance to cover you, this may not be a problem, but most of us buy the cheapest ticket we can find and this is usually non refundable, so there is only one winner, make sure you're not the loser.
Flight Reinbursement

We will reimburse one round-trip, international, economy, air ticket on the completion of one academic year, up to a  maximum of RMB 6000Yuan, and RMB 3000Yuan on completion of one contracted semester. Reimbursement is in Chinese RMB Yuan.
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