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English Teaching in China 

In China, n
ormally, children begin their studies from the age of three in Kindergarten for a period of 3 years, where English will be taught in most cities. However, schoolchildren are taught their first English lesson at the age of 10. Despite the early learning of English, there is widespread criticism of the teaching and learning of the language. 

Students focus on rote-memorization (written and oral repetition) as the main learning strategy. These methods, which fit very well with the Chinese way of learning, have been criticized as fundamentally flawed by Western educationalists and linguists.
 Furthermore, newly learned words are seldom put into use. This arises because everyone in China communicates through Mandarin, and English is perceived to be of little use in the country. 

Many children attend English Summer Camps during the month of July. We have dealings with these and are able to place you for a three week period in addition to your semester work, or indeed independently of. Should just a Summer Camp interest you, then please see our section under that heading.

School Venues

We have connections for positions in schools all over China, whether it be, Kindergarten, Primary, or Middle School, but this will concentrate on where we are actually based in Qingdao. If you are seeking a position in another area, then please let us know your preferences and we will be happy to see what we can do for you.

Our closest schools are to the North of Qingdao itself, in Chengyang. It's about forty minutes away by taxi and an hour on the bus. The majority of our schools here are at primary level. You must engage with us for a minimum of one semester, which could be February to July or September to January. You are of course welcome to do both.

Each of our teachers is assigned a Chinese teaching assistant at initial stage, who will help you at school in translation with your students, lesson plans, discipline in classroom and any other practical school need you may have. They are all charming and very helpful, be a team player and treat them with respect. You share the class, so you share the responsibility of its smooth running.
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