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We will pay a salary based on your teaching experience, educational background and other particulars regarding the job. Salaries are paid in cash in Chinese Yuan RMB, normally, by the end of each calendar month, which means you will NOT receive the first salary until at least 30 days upon arrival. Do get some pocket money in cash ready (suggested US$200-300) prior to your arrival in China.

Salary ranges from 7,500 Yuan for a teacher who has no experience up to 13,000 Yuan for those who are very experienced with university or college degrees within maximum 24 teaching periods (each period lasts 40-45 minutes).

Salary scale is made based on local payment scale, and will be sufficient to the needs and cost of living inChina. Plus, we offer free airport-picking-up service, orientation, accommodation, 2 hours mandarin lessons each week, domestic insurance, international travel stipends and even free meals. Many prudent teachers can even save money travelling during holiday time.

Payment is monthly - by the end of each calendar month, and in some cases will be paid pro-rata according to the days taught if the semester ends early.

Special attention: the cost of living in major cities likeBeijing,Shanghai,orGuangzhouis much higher than those medium or small cities, so don't simply compare salary ranges.  

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