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Questions asked by Chinese students or teacher


1) What sports do you like?
2) What is your favorite food?
3) What is your favorite colour?
4) Do you like rice and noodles?
5) Where are you from?
6) Do you speak Chinese?
7) Do you like Chinese food?
8) Do you like our school?
9) How did you get to China?
10) How long you been in China?
11) Do you like fruits?
12) What is your favorite fruit?
13) Do you like Ice Cream?
14) Do you like Hamburgers?
15) What can you do?
16) Do you like us? (meaning do you like the students)
17) Can I have a photo taken with you?
18) Do you like fish and chips?
19) Do you like China?
20) What cities have you been to in China?
21) Have you been to Beijing?
22) Have you been to London?
23) What is the London Eye?


Q: What can I do if a whole class stops being active (stops participating in the lesson)?
A: If a whole class stops participating, it is normally because they are bored with the same text book day in day out. So my advice would be to change tactics for about
    10 to 15 minutes and do a word competition of some sort or do number games.

Q: What can I do if I have a naughty student in my class?
A:  If it is one naughty student once again that could be boredom, again change tactics ask the student what he or she is interested in doing, then when they answer ask the rest of the class if anyone else is interested in the same thing, if the students then start talking about that topic let it continue for a minute or two, then stop it and get back to the planned lesson.

Q:Would you correct students pronunciation mistakes during a sentence/paragraph?
A:   Personally no I wouldn’t, If the sentence, paragraph is correct other than pronunciation errors then, I would correct at the end, because it is better to have fluency  than accuracy, also if you stop students mid flow of speaking they can’t always return to having that same flow if they are interrupted.

Q:  What is the best way to teach new words/vocabulary to students?
A: Repetition is the best way, the more the students say the word the quicker they learn. Repeat the word at least 3 times, more if they are not pronouncing it properly.

Q:  When you observed my class what did you think of my teaching style?
A:   I thought you did very well, I was impressed. (words to that affect)  Or You did well but I don’t think it is a good idea use Chinese to teach the students English. (Some teachers have a habit of teaching the students by using their mother tongue, this also gives the students poor pronunciation) It is OK for the teachers to use their mother tongue to explain a word or repeat the activity in Chinese as well as saying it in English, but not to actually teach using Chinese.

Q:  Would you help me with my pronunciation?
A: Yes, I am more than happy to help you.

Q:  My class is in groups of 6 what can I do if I require 2 students for an activity but there is only 1 student in a group that’s wants to participate?
A:   Ask that student then ask another student from another group. The other students might want to take part if their team mate is chosen for an activity as well.

Q: Are there any word games I can play to help the students learn new vocabulary?
A:    Yes there are a few games I have played with students which have proved to be popular. They are (I will type out these games and email them separately)
  •    Acting or describing word game
  •    Flash card game
  •    The Chinese wispers game
  •    The stand up and sit down game 

Q:  Is it best to have more teacher talk time or student talk time?
A:   I think it is best for more student talk time as they get practice speaking English, so they improve a little quicker (I always do more student talk time in my lessons)

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