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Adam's Feedback
Hello, my name is Adam. I am an ESL teacher at the Qingdao International Foreign Language School, an international school for Korean students living in China. I have been working here for two years and I am excited to be continuing on next year.

I teach a variety of subjects ranging from Speaking, Debate, Discussion, Language Arts and Phonics to Science and World History. My students are aged between 6-18 years old with class sizes that vary between 5–30 students. In a typical week I work 5 classes a day (40 minutes long each), from Monday to Friday, the remaining time being used for office work. The school provides me with a textbook which we follow carefully in class and all the materials I need but I regularly supplement the subject with my own worksheets and exercises.  The classes are sometimes hard work but they are very rewarding and always good fun.

Throughout the year the school also has many event days and holidays, such as sports day, harvest festival, competitions, Halloween, Christmas etc. Days like these are always great fun as the English department is heavily involved and they are a great excuse to have a lot of fun with the students and fellow teachers outside of the usual classroom environment.
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