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Dave's feedback
My teaching experience in China is among the most pleasurable I have had in a long career of teaching and administration; until then entirely in the United States. The school staff was friendly and welcoming. They seemed genuinely pleased to have an American as a colleague. The discussions comparing American and Chinese culture and government were always conducted with tact and respect.

Never did I feel uncomfortable in these interactions. The students ( I taught in grades three through eight) were well mannered and attentive. There were never issues of classroom control or willingness to enter into the work at hand.  Local food was "different".  I found a grocery that carried Coke and Oreo cookies. These items were my basic food group although I became more adventuresome with time. There was always someone willing to guide food selections; generally in a positive manner. My accommodations were quite acceptable. The apartment overlooked a busy street and people watching became my favorite pastime.  With a bedroom, office, living room and kitchen there was more than ample space: And TV was provided!

I found the people who processed my entry and stay in China were conscientious, honest, and more than fair in treating my as a teacher and friend. They worked through all logistical problems to my benefit. Reflecting back on my time in China, I have nothing but praise for how I was treated and how personally rewarding the experiences half a world away were for me.

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