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Linda's Feedback

TEFL369 is a Chinese Agencies for English Teacher Placement and Custom Programs in China. This agency is co-run by a British Manageress and a Chinese Professor at a local University in Qingdao, China

I needed a break. I wanted to do something different, after 37 years in physical therapy and the medical profession. I looked online and decided to study Qigong and to teach English in China. I chose Qingdao as it is one of the least polluted cities in China plus it is on the ocean. I found the TEFL369 agency online. I asked for references. They gave me excellent references. I spoke to two references in the US and decided to go through this agency.

TEFL 369 has Tina who is British and very lovely to communicate with in English, however all of the program advisers in the office speak relatively good English. The office staff are very accommodating and caring. They set up my program and assisted me with getting situated when I arrived in China. They showed me where to shop, how to use the buses to get to my school , helped set up a bank account, found a medical clinic when I was sick and took me there and translated for me, found a Chinese class ( a little Chinese is very helpful)  and  gave teaching ideas when I was stumped.

The agency kindly assists you with almost anything you need. They are amazing. They find and pays for your lodging (you pay for utilities- which are nominal, they guarantee a western style apartment with a western toilet, shower, washing machine) ,place you with a roommate (my roommate was a wonderful young woman from Ukraine, we developed a very nice friendship) and if you teach for a year they pay for your flights, they pay fair and competitive wages to their teachers. The other English teachers in this agency seem very pleased with the services they receive; several had been working in this agency 3-6 years.

This agency sets up a custom Qigong Program. They found a wonderful Qigong Master, Master Zhou who taught Medical Qigong and a translator. I learned a very well researched form of Zhineng Qigong. They also placed me in a school to teach English. They suggested I take a TEFL / TESOL course before I came. These can be done in a weekend or two or online. I took the class and enjoyed it. The agency also gave me some extracurricular tutoring in diverse settings that were interesting and gave more insight into the culture. I made little money from these small tutoring jobs as well. 

Things change fast in China and flexibility and adaptability are an integral part of Chinese culture. There is something very vitalizing about this as well as boggling for the western mindset. I felt safe. All part of the adventure!  I recommend this agency if you are going to China for the first time, they will take very good care of you.

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