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Changjia Primary School is in a rural part of Gaoqing, it is quite a modern building and is set in approx 1.5 acres of land, with approx 700 students. The school has no dining hall and all students and staff have to go to the Middle school next door. The play ground is very small, and only has a basket ball court in the way of recreational facilities.

Teaching 17th April 2013 Changjia Primary School, was an experience, none of the students had seen a foreigner before and they couldn’t take their eyes off me, they stared at me until I went out of sight. Once the initial shock of seeing a foreigner had worn off all students were very active in the lesson.

Teaching 18th April 2013 Changjia Primary School, all students were extremely active from the word go, when I done role play the students that weren’t chosen at that time moaned and groaned. All students were shouting out “me teacher” or “let me try teacher”.

Teaching 19th April 2013 Changjia Primary School, was same as 18th April 2013 a very active class.

Teaching 22nd April 2013 Changjia Primary School, once again I had a very active class everyone was very eager to take an active part in the lesson.

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