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Tangfang Middle School is set in approx 2.5 acres of land has 625 students and is a Government Funded School for underprivileged children. There is very little in the way of recreational facilities at the school. The dining facilites at the school are basic there is no dining hall for the students, they all eat lunch in their classrooms and only have 1 or 2 choices of food a day.

Teaching 10th April 2013 Tangfang Middle School, was definitely a unique experience, although the students had never seen a foreigner before they were all very eager to learn from me and participate in the lessons, I was referred to as an English expert, by a few of the students, everyone was very warm and welcoming all the students wanted to hug me, the students also told me they didn’t want me to leave. All students wanted my photo taken with them and also my signature, (I have been told on a number of different occasions now that if students ask for your signature it means they love you and don’t want you to leave) 

Teaching 11th April 2013 Tangfang Middle School, all students were once again eager to learn and I had no shortage of students who were willing to participate in the lesson. After the lesson all the students once again wanted signatures and photos with me and everyone at all times was very warm and welcoming, volunteering at Tangfang Middle School was definitely a very pleasurable and exciting experience.


Tangfang has two primary schools both for underprivileged children from poor families Both Tangfang schools have 2 acres of land each. Tangfang 2nd Primary school doesn’t have any dining facilities students from Tangfang 2nd primary school go across to the kindergarten where special arrangements have been made. Tangfang 3rd Primary School has small dining facilities. Neither of the two schools has much in the recreational facilities.

Teaching 12th April 2013 Tangfang 2nd Primary was very much a pleasure, most of the students were eager to learn and participate in the lesson, even the shy students put in a little participation All students were very friendly and polite and all wanted to hug me and have my signatures at the end of the lesson.

Teaching 15th April 2013 Tangfang 2nd Primary was very much like the first day a pleasure. The shy students were a little slow in participating but after very gentle encouragement they started to take part and once they had started I couldn’t stop them they didn’t want the lesson to end, it really was my pleasure in teaching them.

Teaching 16th April 2013 Tangfang 3rd Primary was a different experience altogether all the students were extremely shy and very slow to participate, but I continued on and after about 10 minutes 1 little hand went up, I continued undeterred, then a few minutes later and all of a sudden I had nearly all the students wanting to and willing to participate, that to me was a very special moment. 

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