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Qingdao is a major city in eastern Shandong Province. It has 7 urban districts which have a population of 4.53 million inhabitants, while the total population for the sub-provincial city is approx 8.71 million. Qingdao lies across the Shandong Peninsula and it looks out towards the Yellow Sea. Qingdao has a major seaport and naval base and industrial centre. Qingdao is also home to the worlds longest sea bridge Jiaozhou Bay Bridge. Qingdao also has a lot of shopping centres and very good public transport connection. Qingdao has a monsoon-influenced climate, that lies in the transition between the humid subtropical and humid continental regimes, while winter in cool cold and windy.


The Korean School is a relatively small school. The students are all really nice and very friendly and polite while most are very studious.All students readily take part in all activities. The school isn’t really conveniently located as it is a little bit out of the way.
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