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Liaocheng which is also known as the Water City as Liaocheng is full of lakes and rivers and borders the Provincial Capital of Jinan to the Southeast and Dezhou to the Northeast. Liaocheng has a good selection of shops and restaurants.

Lioacheng has a population of approx 5 630 500. Climatic:  Liaocheng is situated in the temperate monsoon zone with a distinct semi-arid continental climate. It is dry and windy in spring when the temperature turns warm rapidly. Summer here is torrid and rainy. It is cool and the sky is clear in autumn after which it cools quickly, it is cold in the winter with a couple of days of snow. Liaocheng locals are not used to seeing foreigners and tend to stare, some are really friendly and go out of there way to help.


Liaocheng Foreign Language School is quite a large school, and is also known as the Eastern Campus to Liaocheng No,1 Middle School. Students are friendly most are eager to learn and like to speak to a Native English teacher to improve their oral English. They also ask a lot of questions during the lessons and most are willing to participate in the class activities. Liaocheng Foreign Language School and Liaocheng No.1 Middle School are both close to shops and convenient for public transport.
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