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Jinhua is a residential city in Zhejiang Province. It is home to approximately 550 million people. It boarders Hangzhou to the Northwest, Quzhou to the Southeast. Weather in Jinhua is known as a subtropical climate, with hot humid summers and chilly, cloudy and drier winters (with occasional snow.) Jinhua is also famous for the Jinhua ham, a famous local product for 900 years. The locals in Jinhua are friendly and helpful.


Betterfu School is a boarding school set in the country side at the bottom of Jidao Mountains. Due to the location of this school you may be allocated a driver, who may be available to take you shopping and on any trips you may have to make.The students are all very nice are eager to learn they are all very inquisitive and asked plenty of questions. They were always wanting to speak to a native English teacher to help improve their oral English.

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