Personal Information
*1.First Names:
*2.Last Name:
*3.Gender : female male
*4.Marriage Status: munmarried married
*5.Date of Birth:
*6.Place of Birth:
*7.Current Nationality:
*8.Nationality at Birth:
*9.Number of Passport 
(Issued by & valid until): 
* 10.Email address:
*13.State your reasons for coming
to China to teach(100-300 words):
*14.Educational attainment:
Bachelor degree: Major in

Bachelor degree: Major in

PhD: Major in

College Degree: Major in

College Degree: Major in

*15.Educational attainment: TEFL TESOL CELTA or
*16.Salary Expected:

PS:Average salary level for ESL teacher ranges from RMB7500 to RMB10,000 per month. Cost of living in China averages from RMB1000 per month. This is on top of free accommodation. In some schools, free meals are also provided

*17.Preference in teaching : kindergarten primary middle School university companies language schools no preference

Remarks: Please indicate if you also can teach subjects beside English language. The subjects are Math Science Physics Chemistry Medical Statistics Calculus Economics Physics;
OtherIf you ever taught the AP subjects then tell us what subjects did you teach?

*18. City or province of preference:
* 19.Date available in China to teach:
* 20.How long are you planning to stay in China ( no less than 10 months):
* 21.Current Occupation::
*22.Work experience (teaching and/or non-teaching):