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Hi! My name is Tina Lewington and I'm from London, England. Let me introduce you to TEFL369.

We are a fully registered recruitment agency based in Qingdao city China, I am office manager ably assisted by my Chinese colleagues; Helen and CiCi. I love living and working in China.  My mission as office manager is to help you experience the same opportunity of a life time: to teach in China. We only work with schools that we know will take great care of our teachers. If we find a school unsuitable for our client - teachers, we cease working with them immediately and find a more suitable placement option.

Our help goes beyond just placing our teachers at a school we will be with our teachers every step of the way from offering the necessary paper work to applying for a proper visa before flying to China. We will find you an appropriate apartment based upon your needs.Starting with our greeting you at the airport, we will continue assisting you through your orientation, your first days of teaching and everything in between  until we say goodby at the airport when you leave your adventure behind. On behalf of my colleagues, a warm welcome awaits you!
Please now allow me to introduce the staff of TEFL369.

Tina Lewington
General Manager

Tina was born in London, England. She has been living in China for 3.5 years, teaching English in various Cities. She has taught from kindergarten through adult learning. Tina enjoys reading, walking and doing crossword puzzles. She also enjoys learning about the Chinese culture. At TEFL369 she works as the General Manager, she oversees the daily office operation insuring a problem free experience for you the teacher.


Helen Liu
Deputy General Manager

Helen was born and raised in Shandong, she graduated from Nottingham University in UK, with a master degree in Food Production Management. She worked for several years for World's biggest shipping Company. She is Deputy General Manager with TEFL369 to support our General Manager, making sure that our foreign teachers having a wonderful experience while they are in China.

Cici Liu

Cici was born in Heze city, Shandong province. She graduated in 2011 from Weifang Business Vocational College. Her major is Applied Electronic Technology. She has worked as an office supervisor for an Electronics Manufacturer for 2 years. Cici has been working as an Accountant since 2013, with TEFL369 she works as the Accountant overseeing all accounting procedures.

David Bowden
American Program Manager

Dave has a long history of teaching and administration in the United States from elementary schools to graduate level colleges.  In China he taught English to grade levels 3 through 8.  Dave will provide assistance to American and Canadian teachers coming to China.



Steve Pfaffman
Assistant American Program Manager

Steve has 37 years of teaching experience, during which time he was voted Teacher of the Year at 3 separate schools. In addition, he is a professional musician who has published works nationally, and writes music arrangements for the renowned Ohio State University Marching Band. Steve will be assisting American and Canadian teachers who wish to teach in China, and acts as the liaison between schools wishing to have Chinese students study abroad.